The Beat Goes On: Celebrating the Joy of Funky Time

Live score and stats at redefines the live game show experience, rivaling MONOPOLY Live and Crazy Time with its large DigiWheel with 64 sections that award instant wins or unlock bonus rounds.

Live score and stats at boasts one of the world’s fastest DigiWheels for instant wins or bonus round triggers!

Bonus features of the game include the BAR bonus, where a robot bartender serves drinks with multiplier values; Stayin’ Alive and Disco bonuses allow players to join Mr. Funky on the dance floor to collect multipliers; this game can be found across many countries but may be restricted in countries with restrictions on gambling.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming’s Funky Time online game takes a 1970s-themed spin on their popular live casino game show Crazy Time, offering multiple betting options and bonus rounds that may increase your chances of success. Enjoyable across any device.

Funky Time may not offer a demo version like other Evolution games do, but you can still take pleasure in its experience and features without betting. To play it yourself, simply register at an Evolution-powered casino with an appropriate welcome bonus, then navigate to Funky Time in your casino lobby and spin the wheel – with results being displayed and possible Bar, Stayin’ Alive or Disco bonuses popping up each time!

Evolution Gaming has long been known for their commitment to fair and transparent gaming, with Funky Time no exception. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing protocols to ensure random results, players can feel assured their game is fair and safe.

Funky Time offers vivid visuals, an inviting studio environment, and upbeat music to provide players a pleasant distraction from daily stressors. Plus its special features and potential payouts will keep you coming back again and again!

Wheel-based game

Funky Time is a wheel-based game in which players place bets on segments of a colorful Digiwheel and when it stops on one of those segments they win a prize! There are 17 betting options in total with four being reserved for Bonus rounds – its payouts determined randomly using RNG technology.

Funky Time offers various strategies to increase your odds of winning, such as covering all available Digiwheel segments – but this increases the risk of large losses. An alternate method includes covering BAR, Stayin’ Alive and Disco bonus games consistently as these strategies can prove lucrative if played consistently.

Evolution Gaming’s largest live game show to date features an eye-catching 70s theme with four memorable bonus rounds for you to experience. Spin an enormous 64-segment Digiwheel for an awesome prize!

The main game focuses on the money Digiwheel and players must attempt to predict where it will land. There are also additional segments within this game which activate bonus games for added excitement.

The game’s user-friendly and optimized for desktop computers interface allows players to effortlessly drag the chips onto their desired options and repeat their bet using the round arrow button. Furthermore, value adjustments of chips can be adjusted using the left sidebar; alternatively if they prefer mobile play they can visit either casino’s website or download its app for playback.

Bonus rounds

Evolution Gaming has released their new and most anticipated live casino game: Funky Time is a sequel to their global phenomenon Crazy Time that transports players back to 1970s disco culture with studio themes, funky music and bonus rounds galore! Get ready for an experience you won’t soon forget with Funky Time – take it back into time with these 70s vibes!

Funky Time features not only its main wheel but also four bonus games – Stayin’ Alive, BAR, Disco and VIP Disco bonuses each giving players the chance to win life-changing sums of money! Bonuses may be activated at any point during play and add significantly to total winnings.

The Stayin’ Alive bonus round is an offshoot of Evolution’s Mega Ball feature and awards prizes depending on how many balls are pulled from the machine; more balls means higher prizes! Inspired by one of Bee Gees most iconic songs, Stayin’ Alive should not be missed by disco fans looking for their next gaming fix!

No single strategy exists that can guarantee you will win the game; however, certain techniques can increase your chances of success. When selecting glasses in the Bar bonus round for example, selecting ones with better odds of landing on top may increase chances. It is important to keep in mind however that picking the correct glass doesn’t happen every time!

Funky Time from Evolution Gaming offers live game action on both desktop computers and mobile devices, featuring professional presenters as hosts and supporting chat between players and hosts to allow for interactivity amongst other players and discuss strategies.


Multipliers in Funky Time offer you an effective way to increase your winnings. Choose between multipliers ranging from x1 and x1000 when selecting your multiplier(s) – this will determine your odds of success. Furthermore, the Funky Time wheel contains a bonus area where a random multiplier could appear; its number will depend on which segment the digital wheel stops on; Funky Time’s online tracker makes this information available instantly.

Funky Time from Evolution Gaming is an exciting live dealer game that blends elements of wheel of fortune-style games with live roulette. The gameplay is engaging and offers variable RTPs depending on which segment of the digital wheel is betted upon; no wonder this exciting new title has quickly become one of many casinos’ must-play list!

This game’s catchy theme, eye-catching visuals and engaging host will transport you back to the 70s! A spinoff of Crazy Time with new gameplay that incorporates a giant wheel and various fun bonuses!

Funky Time offers four bonus games, each offering their own special twist. In the BAR bonus, players select drinks served by an automated robot bartender; each glass contains a different win multiplier value. Meanwhile, in Disco bonus Mr. Funky dances on the dancefloor collecting multiplier values; should he land on an “All doubled up!” space, multipliers are doubled again!

Another exciting bonus feature is the Ticket to Paradise bonus, in which you can win tickets that can take you directly to any casino of your choice and help you score various prizes such as free spins or cash!

Payment options

Funky Time is an exciting wheel-based game with a funky disco vibe and offers the opportunity to win big. Building on its predecessor’s success, Crazy Time, Funky Time provides a thrilling blend of excitement and chance. Its innovative betting system and potential for large payouts make this an excellent choice for both novice and seasoned players alike.

Gameplay of this classic casino-style wheel of fortune game is straightforward: players place bets on various segments on the wheel, with winnings depending on each segment’s outcome (whether cash prizes or multipliers). Four bonus games offer additional prizes and multipliers based on random chances; plus there’s the maximum bet limit of $10,000 so high rollers can experience the thrill of seeking significant rewards!

Start small and practice before investing real money in Funky Time; this will enable you to learn all the intricacies of the game while developing a winning strategy. Watching other players will also help you understand its rules and make better decisions.

Funky Time online casino real money game can be enjoyed across various devices – PCs, laptops and mobile phones alike – giving players maximum enjoyment no matter their preferred device or location. Furthermore, Vavada Casino provides generous bonuses and promotions that can help increase bankroll.