Crazy Time: Where Unpredictability Meets Excitement

Crazy Time is an exhilarating game of chance that offers players a bevy of exciting bonuses and payouts, inspired by today’s Crazy Time game results and stats. Players can become fully immersed in its world of excitement and suspense with its gameplay drawing inspiration from today’s Crazy Time game results and stats, complete with its aesthetic featuring live dealers that serve as show hosts, plus multiplier rewards up to 20,000x, offering substantial incentive.


Crazy Time offers four distinct bonus games that give players a chance at snagging an exclusive cash prize or multiplyer win multiplier. To qualify for these extra rounds of gambling, bettors must place bets during the betting phase on relevant bonus game spaces – should any slot multipliers be added, these will upgrade before any bonus game even begins!

Money Wheel, a 64-segment wheel with three flappers and plenty of multipliers to win, is the first bonus game available in Slotomania. Puck is dropped down maze of pins to determine its multiplier award; double or triple segments result in increased multipliers as all your chances for success multiply accordingly.

Cash Hunt is another fascinating bonus round, featuring 108 random multipliers scrolling across the screen in a shooting gallery style format. Players use either their mouse or finger on a cannon and fire away until they shoot a symbol they wish to win – any multipliers hit will then be added onto their total bet amount.

No matter if you’re playing Crazy Time on your computer or mobile device, our online stats and analytics tool enables players to keep a close eye on every spin with our stats and analytics feature. It provides historical results and potential patterns, helping players strategize their bets more effectively. However, luck still plays a part in the outcome of any spin so starting small and gradually increasing bets may help minimize losses while increasing winning opportunities – ultimately our aim should be betting big enough that we win significant cash amounts!

Bonus rounds

Crazy Time’s bonus rounds make the game truly entertaining, offering exciting multipliers for grabs. Bonuses can be activated by spinning the wheel, selecting numbers or flipping coins – though chances of winning may be low; to increase them further you should wager higher amounts and select numbers with lower win probabilities.

Crazy Time involves placing bets, then watching as the host spins a giant wheel. Each segment offers different payouts; number segments pay out multipliers according to their face value while top slots may add an extra multiplier based on that number. Also included on two green segments is Cash Hunt: this bonus game acts like an interactive shooting gallery featuring 108 random multipliers scrolling across the screen; to win simply aim with either your mouse or finger and fire a cannon at your chosen symbol!

Crazy Time’s most beloved bonus round is its coin flip, with payouts reaching up to 5,000x your bet amount. Unfortunately, its odds of success are only 8.41% and it can be difficult to predict which side will win; therefore it is wise to have a plan when betting on coin flips.

Cash Hunt bonus round may appeal to players looking for something with more of a balanced approach. Similar to a shooting gallery, this bonus round features 108 multipliers hidden and shuffled that you select and shoot to reveal one or more prizes–with some big ones possibly being up for grabs.

Crazy Time bonus round stands out with its far-out backdrop and massive wheel, featuring 64 segments. When players select their flapper before spinning the wheel, their prize depends on which segment it lands on – any time that wheel stops at “Double” or “Triple,” all winnings are doubled or tripled respectively!


If you enjoy Evolution Gaming’s live game show Wheel of Fortune, Crazy Time may be just what you’ve been searching for. This classic spinner offers four bonus rounds and an impressive max win of $500,000. Betting ranges between $0.10 to $1,000 per round to suit players of all budgets.

Crazy Time offers players additional ways to bet besides number bets; players can place additional bets on bonus games as well. Every spin of the wheel yields a payout determined by where the disc stops spinning; if it lands on one of the bonus game spaces, the player is taken directly into it where they can place more multipliers with up to 10,000x multipliers!

Every spin of the Crazy Time wheel offers its own set of odds and payouts, making it difficult to predict its outcome. While patterns may emerge over time, each spin should be treated as an independent event; by studying historical trends and recognizing patterns players can take informed actions when placing bets strategically.

Strategy in Crazy Time involves placing bets on bonus games that offer both high payback and qualifying for up to 25x multiplier multipliers, such as Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko and Crazy Time Wheel Bonus. All these bonus games are easy and engaging games – perfect for everyone from novices to pros alike.

While online tools offer players the opportunity to estimate the odds of hitting each segment on the wheel, it’s essential to remember that every spin of the wheel is unique and cannot be predicted. As such, players should stick with basic strategies instead of overrelying on statistics; using statistics may give players a sense of power and control, but should never become an excuse for indulging in risky gambling behaviour.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming, a Swedish business-to-business interactive developer, announced this week its inaugural game show product in the US: Crazy Time. This live casino game centers around a money wheel and features four bonus games that branch off it, including Top Slot’s ability for extra cash prizes during gameplay. Crazy Time is designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of players.

Players place bets on numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 before the presenter spins the wheel, or on bonus game spots marked with symbols. Each segment of the wheel contains either numbers or bonus game symbols; with extra spaces containing additional bets that award higher payouts than regular numbers. The wheel contains 54 segments in all, each of which contain numbers or bonus game symbols; or special top slots offering extra returns than the regular numbers.

Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming is one of the most ambitious live casino games ever designed, combining traditional money wheel action with four engaging bonus rounds to provide players with a thrilling live casino experience. Available across several online casinos and with potential winnings of up to $100,000 per round available per spin – making this game suitable for players with large bankrolls as multiple wins may occur in one gaming session!

Crazy Time’s Top Slot feature adds a novel element to its money wheel, located just above it and consisting of two slot reels which rotate alongside it and can award additional cash prizes with multipliers revealed before every spin. In addition, Crazy Time includes coin flipping, puck dropping, and bonus game with virtual dice as other features of its money wheel game experience.

Crazy Time can be a thrilling and exhilarating game, yet winning can sometimes be challenging due to its high level of volatility – it may take 30+ spins before hitting the jackpot! If you lose several consecutive spins without success, take a break before returning later as the betting limits vary so appropriately for both low and high rollers alike.